Our evaluations use mixed-methods to capture social impact.  Multiple stakeholder voices are reflected our final evaluation results and our evaluations are person-centered, practical and utilization focused.

All evaluation work is conducted by a Credentialed Evaluator through the Canadian Evaluation Society, ensuring adherence to the highest standard of ethics considerations, following the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

Examples of our recent evaluation work include:

SROI Analysis

Using the internationally standardized Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology, we support organizations to demonstrate the value of their social impact in relation to their social investments.

All SROI work is conducted by an Accredited SROI Practitioner through the Social Value Network 
internationally. Final analyses include detailed citations, full reporting of assumptions and demonstration of verification of the validity of results.

Examples of our recent SROI work include:

  • SROI of affordable housing development investment by BC Housing (2016)      Full Report   
  • SROI and impact assessment of IAPO (microfinance for Indigenous farmers in Ontario) (2016)  Full Report